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A red couch and world peace; Is Osama Bin Ladens' interior designer to blame for 9/11?

How important is it to plan the layout of your new apartment that you just bought with your hard earned money? The apartment you need in order not to live on the street, or to no longer live with your parents, or start a family of your own. A place to live, is what everybody needs.

So on this we all agree. No need to feel guilty about wanting this, right? The opposite is true. In our times it is a milestone when you finally move out to live on your own (most parents seem to be relieved) and buy or rent your first place. Owning a home of your own is an absolute privilege.

So we agree that the concrete structure is important and even crucial for our basic survival. So what about the inside, the space you actually live and spend all your time in?

Interior Design or the lack of it has great effect on the quality of living. A good layout of an apartment can make a huge difference in the amount of living space one can have and might therefore effect your decision to have another child or not, for example. Or if you have enough place to entertain your friends and family. And enough space so you and your partner each have a private space to retreat to when "being together" is becoming too much of a good thing...

So Interior Design is important. It may not prevent world hunger but perhaps can contribute to inner peace. It is important on a micro level for our daily life. Once you feel happier at home it will make your life better and calmer. A happy person can contribute so much more to society. Just imagine Bin Laden had lived in a nice, bright, serene environment...

See you soon,

Gila van der Wieken

ReDeFine Design

In this virtual space I will share every so often my ideas and views on Interior Design with you. I will share interesting things from around the world related to the subject.

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